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Mitigation Planning

What is Hazard Mitigation?
        The act of lessoning or eliminating the impact of human life and property from natural hazards

        Our mission is to identify and access the vulnerability of each hazard in Macon County and implement a strategy on lessoning the impact of each hazard to our community.

Benefits of having a Mitigation Plan:

1.        Increase public awareness and understanding of the hazards Macon County faces.
2.        A better understanding of potential losses from natural hazard events.
3.        Eligibility to receive federal funds for any pre disaster mitigation planning.
4.        Development of more sustainable and disaster resistant communities.
5.        Builds a partnership with local stakeholders increasing the opportunity of receiving data collections within our community.

Top Hazards that Macon County faces:

1.        Severe Storms
2.        Floods
3.        Severe Winter Storms
4.        Drought
5.        Extreme heat
6.        Earthquake
7.        Tornado
8.        Nuclear Explosion
9.        Dam Failure
10.      Levee Failure

From 1965-2007 Macon County has declared Federal Disaster Declarations 13 times. These disasters included are:
        Flash Floods
        Severe Storms
        Severe Winds
        Snow Emergencies
        Excessive Rainfall
        Torrential Rainfall
        Hurricane Sheltering
        Unseasonable Freezing Temperatures
        Severe Winter Storms

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